Chapter 2: That Twitter Spam (Wherein we express our frustration with the constant attempts of Twitter ne’er-do-wells at following us and getting our attention.)

That Twitter Spam


That Twitter spam, that Twitter spam,

I do not like that Twitter spam.

I do not like it with a fox.

(That  makes me want to put up locks.)

I do not want to get-rich-quick.

I’ll call a doctor if I’m sick.

I don’t invest in on-line real estate,

No matter if you claim the deal is great.

I’m sure that lap-top isn’t free,

(Except the one from Moonfruit, tee-hee.)

I do not want 10,000 followers, you see,

Nor instant Twitter celebrity.

I do not like that Twitter spam,

Not here, or there, or anywhere!

So, stay away.  Just let me be.

If you’re not sincere, don’t follow me!!