Chapter 4: Library Girl Goes Digital (Wherein we prepare for a workshop and investigate Pixton)

This week, I have been working on a Library Resource Mashup workshop for the teachers at my school . I wanted a visual to illustrate the change we are making to a more digital perspective in our library media program.

I have played with several drawing programs and comic creators this summer. I have found Pixton to be the best choice for me. I like the adjustable backgrounds and the articulated characters very much. Pixton for Schools  has some wonderful features for student use; such as custom settings, class log-ins, and the ability to create printable PDF files.  It is not free, however.   A class of 30 could use it for one month for $30.

Library Girl Goes Digital is the result of this morning’s efforts on Pixton.

Library Girl Goes Digital

Perhaps, Library Girl will return in the future for more adventures!