The author of this page is Donna Bills.  Donna is the Library Media Specialist for a Pre-K through 1st grade school in North Texas.  She received her original library and technology training when slide projectors, 8 mm cameras and overhead projectors were advanced technology.  She remembers  large computers programmed by  punch cards, the invention of the PC, and green blinking cursors on black screens.  Contrary to the opinions of her students, she has never seen a living dinosaur.

     Since she spends so much time with children under the age of 8, she is given to discussing almost everything in story form.  She especially prefers folktales, and old books with too much description.  Her blog site attempts to combine a sense of the past with a view of future possibilities.  The archaic words and grammatical oddities are part of the entertainment.  The typos are entirely the fault of her keyboard and mouse.


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  1. dj345
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 04:42:42

    I am so sorry. i thought the link was in there. It was one of those finish at 3:00 AM projects. I must have accidentally deleted it. I think it is in there now.


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