Chapter 1: Wherein we begin a new adventure…


         Once upon a time this middle-aged librarian, somewhat smug in my use of Microsoft Office, email and general web-surfing,  watched  my hairdresser (only slightly younger than myself )  checking Facebook while listening to Pandora on her iPhone.  Facebook???  Wasn’t that what kids used to say inane and sometimes obscene things to each other when they should be doing their homework?  It seemed I was in the dark ages of internet technology.  Unbeknownst to me, all of the other people my age were now checking their Facebook accounts for pics of the grandchildren.  Marooned all day in a primary school library with no students over the age of 8, I thought “twittering” was what kindergarten students did when they saw a display of new books.

           It was clear that action was needed!  So, on an icy bad weather day in February, I created my own Web 2.0 in- service.  Armed with a timid Facebook page and a Twitter account (well I might want to “sound off” at CNN) I dipped my cold big toe into the rushing stream of  information.  Over a month later,  I still have pictures of icicles and 0 friends on my Facebook page.  The Twitter experiment was another story.

Honestly, I tried it out of idle curiosity.  It was only a little recreational use at first.  Then I found the librarians twittering ALA meetings.  Next I found school librarians with blogs and wiki pages of student projects.  Finally, I dared to search for elementary teachers.  My tentative trickle of information had grown into a river of links, ideas and collaborative endeavors.  Is this the road  to becoming an information junkie?

           Now, at the end of my precious spring break; the taxes aren’t finished, the floor needs vacuming, and only half of the laundry is done.  However, my mind is buzzing with new ideas.  I have opened a Google Reader account, set up a blog site, and started a wiki.  Join me if you dare.  My little experiment is evolving into a plan of action!!!